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And you hopin’ but them people never call you back. But that’s just how the story unfolds, you get another hand, soon after you fold

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Me: You like Taylor Swift?
Person: Ew no shes such a bad singer and shes a slut
Me: But you reblogged that picture with lyrics from "insert song here" to your blog
Person: What? Those aren't her lyrics.
Me: *proves those are her lyrics and goes on to show 7583945786992 pictures that they unknowingly reblogged*
Person: Okay so she can write good lyrics shes still a slut.
Me: *sigh* what if I told you Taylor has only dated 6 guys since 2006; when her career as an artist began.
Person: Liar.
Me: *proves that Taylor has only dated 6 guys since 2006*
Me: Still wanna hate Taylor Swift and call her a slut?
Person: ....
Me: That's what I thought.


so when taylor won, louis didn’t clap for her

but when one direction won, taylor clapped for them

and people were saying taylor isn’t the classy one here


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Interviewer: So, that look that you give, that “I won!” look…

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@taylorswift13: I made dis. instagram.com/p/l0bl8ejvDK/

@taylorswift13I made dis. instagram.com/p/l0bl8ejvDK/

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Taylor Swift - Billboard Woman of the Year 2012 Introduction [x]

And people say she’s not successful and talented?

taylor swift has no fans

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